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 Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ).


Q: Do you ship to Canada?

No, we don't. But we will ship to any physical location in the US where you or someone can receive the fish. We have many customers did that. 


Q: Can I specify the delivery date?

 Yes, you can specify the desired delivery date in the order note. Available delivery dates are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We don't ship for Friday delivery to avoid shipment staying over the weekend for unexpected delay by our carrier. Please note that our carrier UPS does not delivery on Saturday and Sunday.


 Q: Can I get the fish shown in the stock photo?

 No. The stock photo does not represent the actual fish(s) that is currently available for sale. The stock photo serves the purpose of showing our customer the type of fish for reference purpose only. Whereas, in the fish with picture product categories, the picture represents the actual fish for sale. 


Q: Can you provide photo on stock fish for me to choose or decide if I want the fish or not?

Sorry we are unable to provide pictures on stock fish for our customer to choose from.  We have few hundreds tanks of fancy goldfish and is very difficult to keep track of every fish we have provided pictures to our customers. We may have hundreds of stock fish for each type and simply not feasible to do that. But what we will do is to pick only good quality to ship. For customer looking for certain feature may have to shop for fish with picture that we add to the store from time to time.  


Q: What to do when I forgot my password and cannot go through the check out process?

 Once you have provided the web site with your password, regardless you have actually purchase with us or not, the web site will only recognise the password for the email address you have provided us. If you forgot your password, just click on the "Forgotten Your Password" link on the log in page to reset your password. 


Q: I like to purchase fish but I have problem purchase it online on your web store. What can I do?

 It is easy. You can email us what you like and provide us the email address you use for your paypal account. We will issue a paypal invoice to you. Also you will need to provide us the contact and shipping address, delivery date and other order detail.


Q: I don't have paypal account. What other payment method you accept?

 Since our web store only accept paypal. If you like to pay by credit card, you will have to email us your order and provide us your phone number. We will contact you for your credit card information. Or simply call us at (510) 468-1930 to place your order and complete the credit card payment. Please note that you don't have to have a paypal account to pay through paypal. Using paypal is very safe and secure. 


Q: Can I specify the sex of the fish I purchase?

 Sorry we don't sell the fish by their sex. 


Q: I noticed that the fish with picture in general costs more. Does it means the stock fish is of poorer quality?

All stock fish we ship are selected premium quality. The difference in price reflects the extra work and inventory keeping for the fish with picture. In some instances, fish with picture is the only way to present fish of unique feature, color and exceptional quality. 


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