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Customer Feedbacks


I received my fish yesterday. Very pleased. I wish everyone out there was as customer satisfaction oriented as you are. Thanks again.
David, California
They just came!  What a GREAT selection!!  They all seem to be fine. :)))  They are sooo pretty...and you picked out some wonderful individuals from the "stock" group.  Love the chocolate, calico Oranda ones you picked, and also all the comets.
We are more than satisfied, and happy customers.  Thanks again Benny for all your time, care, and in providing us such wonderful specimens at great prices.
Best regards and Blessings,
Lorelei, Oregon
Just opened the box, Wow!!! Definitely over exceeded my expectations.  Thanks so much!
John, Ohio
Hi Benny.  We received our five Oranda goldfish today...they were healthy and soooo beautiful!  Each is different, and a joy to watch swimming in our pond.  This evening they were cruising the entire surface looking for goodies, very much at ease.  We have a lot of plants and underwater hiding places for them to investigate...I promise you they will be happy, and already they have brought happiness to our home.  Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to purchase such hi-quality Orandas at such great prices. 
Lorelei & Al Deleza, OR
Benny just so you know your black orandas are the best and really great quality that why I'm buying again for the 3rd time lol.
Ylber, New York
Thank you for the beautiful goldfish! I've ordered a few times from you before, and the fish are always gorgeous and in great shape! Excited to finally own some bubble-eyes, and to further feed my Ranchu obsession. Thank you again! 
LeAnne, Florida

Your fish arrived at 9:30 today, and I'm really impressed! They are so energetic and friendly despite the journey, it's clear you really know what you're doing. I'm never getting a fish from any other place. Also they are so beautiful!! Thank you so much I love my new friends!
Rose, California
In the 1980's and 90's I owned and operated a Koi farm here in Florida, so after 62 years of fish keeping I know quality when I see it. The fish I received are very nice, I was pleasantly surprised.  Since I'm retired now and somewhat handicapped I'm only able to care for a few fish and any additional fish will be purchased from you. Thanks.
Larry, Florida
Hi Benny,
We got our fish and they're absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier. They got here safely and they're in their new home. They seem to be doing fine. Thank you so very much for everything. Sincerely,
Jeri TX
Hi Benny,
I received the fish on Tuesday morning.  I love them.  They are beautiful, especially the ranchu.
Thanks, now I know where to get my favorite goldfish with a reasonable prices.
Kim Rigney, Ocean Side, CA 

Hello I just wanted to tell you I have just received my fish and I must say they are very pretty and much alive. Thank you again. I will be posting a facebook review in the next few days and would definitely recommend and buy from you again!
Kara, Brenham, TX
They came in great condition. All of the local stores are empty or have tanks of dead fish. Nice to have a great alternative.
James, Casselberry, FL
The fish arrived safely. I tracked on UPS's site and the even called me this morning.
I have to say I am very impressed with the quality of the fish! It looks even better than the picture shows. It appears healthy and active too. You folks obviously know how to care for and ship goldfish. I'll be looking for more fish in the future. This time I won't be shopping around. I'll be going straight to your site. (Feel free to quote me!)
Thanks again,
Roy, Cathedral City, CA
Just wanted to provide you with some feedback for the website.
Outstanding fish and even better customer service.  Benny answered all of my questions up front to help me make an educated decision regarding fish choices.  Fish arrived as described and were of outstanding quality, better than I could ever get at any of our local fish stores.  His fish are definitely worth the money; outstanding quality, very healthy, and customer service that does not end with the sale.  I highly recommend Benny and his fish!!
 Charles, Laramie, Wyoming
The fish are beautiful! You have a lifetime customer!!! Thank you!
Angela and Brian, Harleysville, PA
Hello Benny:
I received the fish yesterday, all are in good shape and look great in my tank.
I really like both of the butterfly tails that you chose for me, and appreciate the refund on the fish that was not deliverable. All of the fish are much better than anything I could have bought locally. I am as stocked as I want to be right now I only have a 75 gallon and had a black moor in there before I received your shipment yesterday. If I get a larger aquarium I'll be back for more fish. Thanks again and continued success.
John, Jacksonville, FL
On Thursday, I received my second order from you. This time, I ordered 20 assorted "little" guys. WOW!!! If I were not convinced from my first order, that "" is the place to purchase quality fancy goldfish... I am now! These guys little came out of the box with personality and acted as if as they had been here forever!
I am so pleased with my purchase(s) and will continue to check back with your website...
Thank You many times over!!!
 Jim, Midlothian, VA
Hi, I wanted to say thanks for the beautiful and healthy fish, they are perfect.
Christopher, Richmond, VA
Hi Benny,
Just received the goldfish today, they look extremely healthy and are roaming around the tank being very active! Thank you so much, little upset that I barley found your website... It would have saved me so much trouble, I've have ordered goldfish from other sites and had terrible experiences. I'll be sure to spread the word out that is the place to go to buy beautiful healthy goldfish! Thanks and I'll be sure to buy some more when I can!
Raymond, Fremont, CA
The Goldfishes are healthy and swimming w/o care in the world! Thanks again for these lovely cuties, happy customer.
Mia, Olathe, KS
I received my order around 1:00pm today (EST). Not only did everyone survive the trip, but I couldn't have been more please. These are absolutely beautiful. They all exceeded my highest of expectations!
Thank You... Thank You... Thank You!!!
 Jim Willis, Midlothian, VA
Thank you Benny.  I received the fish and I am very happy with them.  I appreciate your help and I look forward to buying more from you.
Ethan, Alexandria, VA
Benny, Just wanted to let you know the white ranchu is doing very well. It is a beautiful fish and I thank you for the great deal.
Rob, New York
I just wanted to let you know that the ranchu's arrive safely although somewhat late in the evening.  I just want to say thank you very much for sending me the beautiful ranchu's.  The kirin amazes me.  Thankyou!
Mathew, MI.
Thank you so much !!!!  They are stunning fish - I couldn't have picked out more perfect fish - they're exactly what I hoped for and more.  They arrived next day, packaged well.  There is no way I could find these type and quality of fish in any local pet store.  I requested a pure white ryukin with a long tail and that was exactly what I received - looks even better than the pictures shown*  and my prize beauty is my XL red and white ryukin - it is huge* and georgeous to watch! -  my friends already said they're stealing it - looking forward to when they can meet their new friends after QT time.  I'm very pleased and will definitely refer to others.  Thanks again* 
Christina, New Jersey
Hi Benny, just wanted to thank you for my new fish friends...they arrived safely and I love them...that are adorable.   I will definitely keep checking your site in the future and I'm sure I'll purchase from you again.  Thanks again for everything!  
Melissa, Illinoise.
Just got my fish! Just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy about it. Thanks for the superb quality fish!, California
Hey Benny, I just got them, they are amazing like even beautiful than what I see on the website, especial the red black oranda, thank you so much for pick this one for me, this kind of color collocation is really what I hope to get. Thank you so much Benny!!!  Have a great day.
Boshen, California
Hi Benny. I just received it. I am very happy to report that the goldfish I ordered are doing well, and they are even more beautiful than I thought they would be. I hope to do more business with you in the future. Thanks again,
Crystal, California
Wow!!!! I Received my orandas today.  Very Nice!!!! I was a little worried about buying online but thanks for changing that.  I will definitely be doing business with you again. Keep up the good work and thank You once again. 
Diana, California
The ranchus arrived safe. And like always, your goldfish are the best! Thank you.
Linda, Ohio
Hi Benny, they arrived and are beautiful!!!. I was nervous something happened. Thank you for picking such gorgeous fish for me!!!!! I am very pleased. I really can't get over how beautiful they all are.
Melissa k.
Hi Benny, I received my fish and he is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much!
Jennifer, California
Hi Benny, Just letting you know that the fish arrived in great shape and look amazing! I definitely would recommend your selection and service., Maryland
Benny, You are the best seller I have met! I just wanted to thank you for the fish you sent me, I could see you found one with the tail together for me and it is so beautiful.  My wife loves it, and I can’t be more happy with the other you sent me too. I think you read my mind because I was really looking for a butterfly tail dark red and that fish is more than perfect, and I can’t tell you how happy I am with these fish. Many thanks!
Ransel, Florida
The goldfish arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  Very healthy looking and excellent finnage. I left feedback on you Facebook page. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Steve, California
Benny: My fish arrived as advertised. They all look great.  I was a little concerned about ordering on line, thinking I might end up with less quality fish. These all have good conformation. The fish are all healthy.  I think they have grown a little and gotten more colorful. Good luck with your business.
David, California
A pleasure doing business with as always. You're the best!
Julie, California
Dear Benny,
I tried to find your page on Facebook so I could say how pleased I am with my fish. The fish arrived in great shape and they are doing fine.  I am very pleased!
Sheila, Florida
I have three super happy, good looking fish. Thanks!
Greg, Dallas Texas
Hello Benny
You guys have outdone yourselves once again, The goldfishes arrived in excellent condition, the sakura lionhead is beautiful. Many thanks, and it has been a great pleasure buying from you guys again.
Jackie, New York
omg!!  the fishies are absolutely beautiful!! thank u thank u thank u!
Tina, Florida
Hi Benny,
The fish arrived safe and healthy this afternoon.  They are so beautiful!  Thank you.  I will definitely order fish again in the future.
Robert, Minnesota
Hi Benny,
Your gorgeous goldfish arrived okay and healthy. BuyGoldFishOnline always have the best fish and pricing. The 4 ranchus arrived okay and healthy.
Once again, you have the best ranchus of all. Thanks.
Wohteo, Pennsylvania
Hi Benny,
I love my new fish.  Especially for not being able to pick them out myself, they look great.  There is a very limited selection at my local pet stores, so it is nice to have so much variety in my tanks again.  The little white broadtail telescope is especially beautiful. Thanks again. With the care and joy you show in your work, I doubt I will be disappointed.
P.S. I was very glad to see your company's ad in the new American Goldfish Association publication.  It is nice to see you supporting this group and I hope you get lots of business.
Tom, Kentucky
Fish arrived at 8 tonight both alive.  Size was perfect and quality is superbly amazing. Overall, very happy with my purchase and will do more business in the future. You are the best!
Dan, California
Hi Benny,
I just wanted to let you know I received the goldfish I ordered from you and they are all doing fine.  They are all very beautiful, colorful and healthy.  As I mentioned to you in my previous email, I am having a 1000 gallon fishpond built, and once it is completed, I will be ordering from you again! 
Ken Garcia, Arizona
Received my first order of 10 small goldfish yesterday. All in perfect condition with flawless finnage. Superb packaging (especially since they arrived in desert heat/ 100 degrees). Customer service was exceptional. Thanks Benny! Will order from you again in the future, although it looks like these guys will be around for quite a while.
(For others contemplating this source, even with shipping UPS overnight, the cost per fish was $10). 2 chocolate orandas, 4 black dragon eyes, 2 calico orandas, and 2 red/black orandas. Try finding that price for healthy specimens at either of the big box stores (PSmart or PetCo).
Stephen, California
Great looking fish! Some of them are even beginning wen growth already. I'm very happy with my purchase. I will purchase again in the future. Thanks!
Sarahanne, Indiana
Hello Benny,
Thank you for all your help. My two beautiful fancy goldfish arrived today and they seem to love their new home. They were just what I was hoping for. I will recommend any of my friends who are interested in buying fancy goldfish to your website. I had a great overall experience. Thanks again so much.
Ashlie, Texas
Hi Benny,
I have gone to every store in town looking for telescopes and they never have them, and the goldfish they do have are clearly ill or even dying, not to mention ugly examples of the breed. It is sad to me as a goldfish lover, to see how sick the fish in petstores are.
I see how many good reviews on your site and it gives me hope that you are actually someone who has humanely treated, healthy animals. I am really excited for tomorrow and hoping they arrive alive and healthy!
(The next day) You did a wonderful job shipping them. Got them around 11 yesterday. They are so pretty. I would never have found such beautiful fish in the pet stores here. They are doing well this morning, no signs of stress. Thank you so much. I am really glad I found you!
(One year later). I ordered those fish at least a year ago and they are all still alive and well.
Those were really healthy fish! I am still very pleased with my whole experience with buy goldfish online. Thank you again.

Amanda, California 


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