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Fancy Goldfish Feed

With 30 years of experience as a reputable fancy goldfish stocking distributor in the US, keeping a large quantity of fancy goldfish healthy, strong and beautiful is a must. One of the crucial element in good fish husbandry is the fish nutrition. For fancy goldfish, it is important to have a diet that enhances the characteristic of a high quality fancy goldfish. More importantly, a diet that increases the fish immune system and boosts their vitality will be highly desirable for health and show. With decades of results from experimenting with different feed formulations, we finally settled with a feed specifically formulated for fancy goldfish with added natural ingredients that enhances the fish immune system and vitality. This is the reason why so many hobbyists like our fish for their health and beauty.  

Many customers wanted the same feed we used, so we decided to offer this success proven feed for our fancy goldfish hobbyists. These feeds are not available in the retail market.  We offer two 1.5mm mini pellets; sinking and floating. The sinking pellet has higher protein recommended for younger fish for growth and development. Best to apply to fish tank without gravel. The floating pellet is recommended for fish tank with gravel bottom or pond application. 

Feeds are made and packaged in the U.S with the finnest ingredient. 

To Order:

Order together with your fish order. In most case we will package it together in the same box. If quantity is too big, we will ship the feed separately by free ground shipping. 

If you order feed alone, you can either place the order here and we will refund your shipping inmediately upon receive your order from your paypal payment or you can go to our eBay store and search for



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